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Aims and Media

Here are the Mid-West Humanists’ aims and how we seek to achieve them.

We seek a secular society, where the State institutions, and other organisations, and society, treat all people equally, and take no account of whether a person has a religion or not.

The Mid-West Humanists favour a democratic, open society. What we hope to change, we seek to change by open and democratic means.

We have information leaflets to view and to download.


About our group and about Humanism and Atheism.
Humanism and the Mid-West Humanists

Election 2020 – request to Candidates

Make Office and Legal declarations secular; make Schools secular

On Removing the Blasphemy offence from Ireland’s Constitution.
Vote to remove Blasphemy from the Constitution

That Ireland’s Constitution should be Secular.
Let Ireland’s Constitution be Secular

Schools in Ireland should be Secular.
Schools should be Secular

National School Leases are already Secular.
including the Deeds of Variation
National School Leases are Secular

A National School Lease (an example lease).
A National School Lease

Repeal the 8th Amendment and bring Abortion Services home to Ireland.
Repeal the 8th amendment


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