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Humanist Ceremonies

Humanists the world over have evolved secular ceremonies to mark the rites of passage through life; most importantly those of birth, marriage and death. The Humanist Association of Ireland can put you in touch with accredited officiants, whilst some people arrange their own celebrations and funerals of a secular nature.  A clergyman is not required for a secular ceremony. The officiant can provide certificates for naming and wedding ceremonies if desired. Your solution may be a Humanist non-religious ceremony.

This is from the HAI website and for more information click Ceremonies

I believe that working to have humanist ceremonies available to the people of the mid-west would be a very worthwhile project for us to undertake.  There would be many more such ceremonies undertaken if the general public were aware of their existence and could access them readily.  I believe that it would also get many people interested in the humanist movement generally.

Brian Whiteside who organises ceremonies nationally has been invited to come and talk to us at our next meeting about what is involved and how we might proceed.  I would recommend as many as possible attend as it promises to be very interesting.


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