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I’m An Atheist (And I’m Okay!)

Hello all,

As part of my works on behalf of the newly formed Atheist Ireland, I recorded my own twist on FXR’s twist on Monty Python’s “Lumberjack Song”, provided in this thread over at Atheist.ie


15 Responses

  1. New book ‘Life of Brian/Jesus’ claims Monty Python film is the most accurate biblical film ever made. It not only reveals some telling information about the film but also compares it to the actual biblical events and comes to some extraordinary conclusions.
    What the Pythons said about the book “A mischievous journey of discovery” – Terry Jones “Great stuff. Lots of blasphemies” – Terry Gilliam.

  2. (air kiss, air kiss)
    If you’re interested I’ll have my people talk to your people….I’ll have my PA get right on it!

    Hold on my agent Max Clifford is on the line……


  3. Don’t worry — I wasn’t planning to steal anything. My next show is in March, and I would be sure to ask nicely and get all of the legalities sorted out before using anything.

  4. The lyrics are copyright of me F. X. Robinson. Anyone using the lyrics for commercial reward should contact me first for permission. You can get me through this site or else by stuffing a request in a sealed drinks can and launching it into the sea. You should of course study the prevailing currents in order that the can will eventually end up in Dublin Bay.
    Personally I’d recommend the first option.

    FXR, member of Atheist Ireland

  5. @taenia: whether you were serious or not, the lyrics copyright belongs to FXR, so you’ll need express permission

  6. I love it. I might use this in my next drag show, actually…


  8. Very awesome. Very awesome.

  9. Right on, not about what jennifer davis says and her exquisite use of capitals to signify what’s really important. Gee, in the end she’ll be dead.

    Anyway, right arm about the song.

  10. I think it’s good to question and seek the truth. In the end we will all see what the Truth is, huh?

  11. Brilliant! and we got linked on Pharyngula

  12. […] on December MeetingCerebralCortex on Nothing Says Christmas Like an…dj357 on I’m An Atheist (And I…Seam on I’m An Atheist (And […]

  13. haha, you can thank FXR for that!!

  14. ‘Then they told me that it’s simple one plus two make one. ‘ … Brilliant!

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