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Jon Stewart Tries to Talk Some Sense into Mike Huckabee

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Needless to say the attempt fails. It’s a sad state of affairs but this is probably the toughest interview Huckabee will face on his current book tour.


4 Responses

  1. I like that Stewart is willing to put people like Huckabee on the show. There are enough shows (or networks for that matter) on TV that focus only on side or the other. I think Huckabee is a bigot too, but why not have him on let as many people as possible see how ridiculous his reasoning is.

  2. yeah, that Huckabee is a total moron. He’s thinking along the exact same lines as our lovely Cardinal Brady on this side of the pond, acting as if expanding (NOT redefining) the definition of marriage in the context of a civil partnership would result in the breakdown of society as a whole, which it will NOT. I mean, these morons keep spouting the same crap “oh blahblah will result in the breakdown of society blahblah” but do they actually have any evidence for these claims?! No, not a single one of them has ANY credible evidence to lend weight to these idiotic claims.

  3. I know what you mean. When I saw Huckabee coming on after 7 mins of the show I thought ‘What is Jon thinking’ but in this case he played it perfectly. He let Huckabee get comfortable and then called him on his bigotry.

    I saw the O’Reilly interview too and I think he was far too nice to him, even complimenting him at the end.

  4. I think Jon Stewart is great, but why does he have these bigot’s on his show? He had that fool Bill O’Reilly on a couple of weeks ago. I realise that there is a circuit for plugging books, but I really would like to see people draw the line. Huckabee is a religiously-motivated homophobe, and will never change his views, certainly not as a result of being on the receiving end of rational debate.

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