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About that meeting…

From: Sully
To: Jason, dj357, drorgasm, stilldoubting
Subject: About that meeting…


You might have noticed my conspicuous absence from last month’s meeting (the lack of narcissism-fuelled interruptions whilst people were talking might have brought it to your attention).

I gave the meeting a miss in favour of spending a week in the US of A, enjoying Thanksgiving with my ladyfriend, but now I’m worried that I’m missing out on some vital info! Good thing you guys were there! Any chance you could give me a little cheat sheet so nobody notices? I’ll make it worth your while!

Just do me a favour – don’t tell Larry. Remember that time he caught me passing notes during a meeting and put me cleaning toilets for a week? I shudder to think at what he’d do if he found out that I went mitching to partake in yet another holiday that has had its true origins scrubbed from the public consciousness…

So what’d I miss last month?


One Response

  1. haha, very funny Sully, basically we had a visit from the HAI, had a presentation from them about Humanist Ceremonies and Celebrants, and then Larry rather tactfully broached the subject of Atheist Ireland to the Chair of the HAI, Catherine O’Brien, and we had a rather lively discussion about that. Then we all (most of us) went and had a lovely spot of lunch together in the hotel, and had a nice chat. All in all, an enjoyable meeting!

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