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Congratulating Dubious Morality?

Having read a few blogs about this news post on Grandparents.com, something has struck me as extremely odd.

Society generally frowns upon those of its number who are generally ne’er-do-wells, dropping out of Secondary Education, remaining unemployed, mooching from the Welfare system and/or their parents etc… and getting pregnant at an irresponsible age (by Society’s reckoning), so, if that is indeed the case, why in the Seven Hells (and the one we don’t know about) are people from all over the world applauding Bristol Palin sending her and her child mountains of gifts when, if her mother was not a Governor or a previous runner for Vice President most of society would be decrying her as just another waste of space 17-year old wasting her waste of a life…?

Why do the religious (because Palin and McCain’s supporter were decidely so) spend all their time decrying the overwhelming immorality of our modern society, marking widespread irresponsible teen pregnancy as one of the hallmarks of our imminent donwfall (Rapture, anyone?) and yet as soon as one of their cute little number irresponsibly gets a bun in the oven, “oh yes, lets send them loads and loads of gifts, for they are the pinnacle of our society!” (Obviously I’m heavily paraphrasing there 😉 )

I’d ask for a show of hands on whether or not this hypocritical bulls**t is typical of these people, but I really don’t think that’s necessary.

I will however applaud the Palins and the Heaths in their unwavering support of the teens and their new son.



One Response

  1. I think it reflects the “flexible” worldview of fundamentalist christians. If she was a member of the underclass they could comfortably critise her for loose morals. But she is a paid up member of their club so they find an excuse to reward her and the excuse is that she didn’t have an abortion – post hoc reasoning.

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