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Can This Be True?

dscf003311This just appeared on the Dublin Road in Limerick.  Can it be telling the truth?  I’m not well up on this but I’ve started to do a little research.  It looks like there are two elements of disinformation here. The message about adult stem cell cures is seriously overstated and they must be using a very low threshold for a definition of a treatment.  The message about embryonic stem cell research is technically true but the reason for this is that there hasn’t been enough time for treatments to be developed because of the delays imposed by the opposition of the anti-science crowd.   Of course here they are setting the bar high for a definition of a treatment.

Come on science geeks – time for you to get researching and blogging a response.


3 Responses

  1. Good to know they have the cash for this sort of rubbish. For some reason one gets the feeling they are under the impression that Embrionic Stem Cell Research translates as Vivisecting Newborns.

    Its not a baby.

    Its a Zygote.

    And if its not used for something it gets thrown in the bin. But, so long as getting thrown in the bin doesnt challenge your rather narrow world view then no harm done eh?

  2. There actually is an element of truth to the headline, if not the motive for the headline. I read an article in last weeks New Statesman.


    Where a more rational approach was taken to the debate – clearly, just looking at the emotive language in the sign we can be sure that the muppets in the Youth Defence will have no part in any rational discourse. Here are some links where they share their lies, half-truths and bigotry with the rest of us.

    There is a good discussion going on the ultra-catholic Youth league going on here

    And for your entertainment purposes some other links.

  3. Youth Defence were never very concerned about accuracy or rational debate.

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