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What if God disappeared – Edward Current

I’ve got to hand it to Edward Current – just when I was beginning to tire of his videos, he throws out this little gem.

3 Responses

  1. HI Sarah,
    Sorry it took a while to respond to your comment, i have been away for a while without proper internet access – oh the pain. You are correct, i left HP disgusted with the people there, they are just as entrenched in their views as any of those that they ridicule. I was looking for a starting point in an attempt to understand the conflict. HP is a little to open perhaps and i will visit Amazon!

    I agree that people do single out Israel and frankly, it bothers me that i don’t know enough to have an informed opinion. Thanks anyway – i have some reading to do…

  2. That video is full of win.

  3. Please forgive an off topic comment! But in case you left HP in disgust I thought I’d respond to you here. I was sorry to see the response you got to an enquiry you posted in, I am sure, good faith. Like you I’m not Jewish – but because I resigned from a union over a boycott issue (ie I didn’t want to boycott Israel) I thought I’d better keep up with the news from that area in case anyone ever asked me a Difficult Question about I/P. My sense after reading endless back and forth comments in response to online broadsheet articles and opinion pieces is that – it’s just as complex as it seems to be at first and that it always seems to be possible to counter an argument on one side by, say, going back a bit further in history. (eg occupation in response to violence) I still feel rather ignorant but I do feel pretty sure I don’t want to single out Israel as some kind of uniquely evil country – which is what a lot of people seem to want to do. It’s that kind of relentless singling out which makes people on the other (pro Israel) side a bit touchy I guess …

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