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But not yet, Lord

According to an article in The Economist Religious people seem curiously reluctant to meet their maker.

HOW do a person’s religious beliefs influence his attitude to terminal illness? The answer is surprising. You might expect the religious to accept death as God’s will and, while not hurrying towards it, not to seek to prolong their lives using heroic and often traumatic medical procedures. Atheists, by contrast, have nothing to look forward to after death, so they might be expected to cling to life. In fact, it is the other way round—at least according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association by Andrea Phelps and her colleagues at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Religious people seem to use their faith to cope with the pain and degradation that “aggressive” medical treatment entails, even though such treatment rarely makes much odds.

Read the full article here.


2 Responses

  1. The true essence of Christianity is the upholder of life? Explains all the and the constant threat of fiery implements up the anus if you think for yourself for five minutes.

    I appreciate the input on the perspective, but honestly Jeff, your comment bothers me, because you’ve capitalised words that don’t call for capitalisation.

    Okay, that’s not it, it’s because you’ve dismissed what I think is a funny discrepancy, and made an earnest attempt to counter it by saying that ‘Death is an enemy to be conquered’, but you’re not offering any actual examples for how Christianity actually fights this death business head-on.

    (And I’m sorry, but wishing really hard for Grandma’s cancerous kidney to leave her alone doesn’t count)

  2. Yes, this makes no sense as long as Christianity is view as a quest for a reward, the reward being some vague idea of heavenly bliss. It makes perfect sense, however, if Christianity is viewed as its true essence, as the upholder of Life. Death is an enemy to be conquered, to be triumphed over, for it is Life that has ultimate value.

    For those who place no value on life, or view it has an illusion, it is hardly worth the effort of fighting for.

    This is the perspective that makes sense of the situation.

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