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Do you celebrate Christmas?

Apologies for my extended absence.  Life has a nasty habit of keeping me very busy – and 2009 has been an ordeal.

In the interests of easing myself back into things?  How do those of us who have taken the time to understand the realities of the pagan celebration co-opted by the christians – celebrate it?  Personally, I have three young children and enjoy every minute of it whilst making a point of spelling about the actual origins of the season.

Do my fellow freethinkers celebrate – do any of us go to mass on Christmas day?  In previous years i have gone to mass Christmas morning – purely as a cultural compromise, but we will not be going this year.  I don’t need to document the disgust we all feel for the catholic church this year – but one good thing to come from all the revelations is my wife is finally breaking free of her childhood indoctrination.   Rage can be useful.

Any suggestions for reality-based presents?


One Response

  1. I, probably somewhat older than you but my problem is that while my wife and kids proclaim themselves Catholics, they don’t go to very many services. However If I mention anything that contradicts their christmas story view of things, such as pointing out that just about every civilisation celebrates the passing of the winter solstice, they refuse to discuss it or to engage in any discussion with me on my disenchantment with religion.
    I am expected to respect their religious convictions yet remain quiet about my lack of them.
    For example, my dismay at the catholic church’s control of education is regarded as a foible.
    I usually just shut up and say nothing so as to have a quiet life.
    Are there any others in a similar situation?

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