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January Meeting

Our next meeting will be held as follows:

Date:    : 19th January 2010

Time    : 20:00

Venue : Carlton Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick


1.  Talk by Louis Burke : The Humanity+Plus Summit

This is a conference that Louis attended that discussed the view that

Humanity will be radically changed by technology in the (possibly quite near) future. We foresee the feasibility of redesigning the human condition, including such parameters as the inevitability of aging, limitations on human and artificial intellects, unchosen psychology, suffering, and our confinement to the planet earth.

2. Book Review by Larry Maher : What You Can Change and What You Can’t by Martin E.P. Seligman.

This book review is not a deliberate response to Louis’ conference.  I originally decided to discuss it in the context of the view held by many that deep down everyone is the same and that they “can be anything they want.”  There are whole self-help industries based on this view but much of what they offer is stymied by our evolved nature.  However, it will hopefully offer some insights into what the limits on change, as seen by The Humanity+Plus Summit, may be. 

3. Anything anyone else wants to talk about.


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