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New Political Parties and Organisations

Last year we had a speaker from Amhrán Nua, since then it seems there have been several attempts to start new parties or pressure groups. These groups tend to be centrist and often talk about political and constitutional reform. Some examples are the Liberals and the Irish Democratic Party and Direct Democracy Ireland who’s video is posted below.

Do you think these groups have a future? People seem fed up with the current centre right parties but does a new party have any change of building support?


One Response

  1. Hi guys, thanks for posting this, I had no idea they were new parties attempting to start up.

    Anyway, I had a look a them all. As for “Direct Democracy Ireland” I wouldn’t be too keen on the idea of the public gathering enough signatures to call for a general election. I mean one small hick up in any government could lead to a general election year after year. So no thank you to that mandate, it’s a little bit too far left, and I consider myself centre left.

    The Irish Democratic Party doesn’t appear to have a clear mandate, only one guy spells out his political philosphy which is: “The current system puts those who have a strong record on local issues at the heart of national government, instead of people with genuine experience in areas of health, education, transport, finance etc. There is no point swapping one party of strong local performers for another party of the same. The entire system needs to be overhauled.”
    Now this is fair enough, but the other two guys don’t give away much, still in time they may develop a clearer mandate.

    I tried signing into the Liberals on their home page but their new site isn’t ready yet, but I’m guessing there liberal.

    On a personal note, I’ll probably be voting Labour in the next General election, I believe they deserve a chance, Fianna Fáil are too long in power and I really can’t see their near identical twins (the Blueshirts) making much of a difference. However, Labour needs to buck up their act regarding their exact mandate, though to be fair they have worked on it impressively since they were criticised for not really having one, but they still need to work on it.

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