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This blog has taken something of an extended break over the last few months. We’re hoping that’ll change and that we’ll have new posts soon.

In the meantime you can find details of our meetings here and contact us here.

You can also visit some like minded sites –

Atheist Ireland

Irish Skeptics Society

Humanist Association of Ireland

Cork Skeptics

Hopefully those groups will provide something for everyone.


One Response

  1. Hello, I wanted to share an article I wrote in response to a blog post I stumbled across on the web here very recently and now that I’ve put it out there I figured I’d really should share. It is a true story experienced by me and three others as detailed in my previous post which I’m copying below: (I’ve also posted a copy on NDEspace.org with a picture I made trying to show how it all went down located at: http://www.ndespace.org/profiles/blogs/sharing-an-experience)
    I wrote the following and posted it for the first time last night on another board. I have been wanting to share this incident mainly for any atheists out there. Not to push religion on them or say one belief is right or to change their minds one way or the other. I just would like to provide information directly from my experience so that others can make the best judgements possible in their life….

    I registered because I couldn’t help myself but to respond to this post. I’ve never “publicly” said this per se’, I’ve told a very few friends and I mean a very few however I’m getting older and the older I get the more I feel I need to share what happened to me so that at least others have what I think is good information.

    The incident I’m referring to happened when I was 18 years old I’m now 42 (I think, I don’t keep count:P). Either way this event changed my life forever, at least my perspectives on life forever for sure. I didn’t believe in ghosts or spirits or whatever and although I had been raised as a Christian I was at the point in my life I was really doubting everything. I had been lied to by soooo many people I basically didn’t trust anything. Well long story short the incident all occurred in my girlfriends mom’s house with me, my girlfriend, her mother and her mother’s boyfriend present. We had all situated ourselves each standing in a separate corner of the kitchen which was basically square. My girlfriend was directly opposite from me and her mom’s boyfriend was opposite her mother. Her mother and I were standing in the part of the kitchen that basically had a hallway kind of go thru it from the main part of the house to the “mother in law” suite on the other side of the kitchen by her mom. It all started when my girlfriend’s mother began talking about how the mother in law suite part of the house has felt funny ever since her parents passed away. Next thing you know they all are stepping in and out of the room saying how weird if felt. Well after a tad bit of pressure, mainly not wanting to seem like a wuss, I went ahead and tried it. Well I didn’t get to step all the way thru the doorway. As I entered the doorway it was like I was stepping into that space portal thing you see on TV that warps people around to different planets. It almost felt like I was stepping into water but not water but waterfied static electricity, not sure how else to describe it. Either way, like I said I didn’t make it all the way thru, it felt so weird that I basically back peddled right back out as soon as I felt the difference and although amazed had no desire to do it again.

    Well we all meandered as we talked back to our original positions continuing to talk about it all being somewhat amazed at how true her mother had been about it. Well, all of a sudden the conversation came to a lull, well not really a lull, it was just a speck of silence, in my mind we were all still kind of absorbing what we had all just experienced but my girlfriend went to say something at that moment and I had immediately looked up to see what she had to say but as I did all her words and actions were all in slow motion! I was like what the heck and about the same time I said that I felt it. Whatever it was it was just inside the doorway of the room we were just stepping in and out. I couldn’t see anything at all but it was there, I could feel it with every ounce of me but you couldn’t see anything at all. I could tell her mother felt it too by her actions, she somewhat startled, turned towards the door entrance that was just to her right. As soon as all this happened this thing came bursting out of the room at an unbelievable speed and I could tell it was focused on me. It didn’t come directly at me but its focus was on me for sure. As it blew out of the door way and past my girlfriend’s mother, my girlfriends mother started to faint. I remember all this vividly and even remember having the feeling that I wanted to try to catch her so she didn’t hurt herself but this thing was just too threatening and I couldn’t help myself but to try to defend myself. I threw my hands up in a defensive stance like you are taught in karate; my father had taught me when I was a kid. As my hands went up and into this stance this thing had already blew right on past me. I immediately turned almost automatically at least without thinking and shifted my stance to try to defend from the other direction. Well this thing blew back past me again in the other direction the same direction it came from originally. I didn’t even really get fully turned around even and found myself trying to spin back around again to defend from the original direction but this thing like vanished. It was like it absorbed into the darkness of the room almost like it opened a door and went thru and went to a completely different dimension. I don’t know how else to try to explain it.

    As I was finishing spinning back around and feeling this thing like fade away almost or leave I should say. I no longer felt threatened per se’ and I instantly looked at the mother and remember thinking I wanted to say did you feel that!!! Which I already knew she had felt everything but I didn’t want to sound like the crazy guy either so without hesitation or even thinking about it I simply said, “why were you fainting?” but with a shocked and confused look I am sure. Immediately upon me saying this, my girlfriend responded, rather than the mother, saying (and I could instantly tell it was being directed towards me) why were you fainting!? I looked at my girlfriend and sure enough she’s looking directly at me and her mom’s boyfriend speaks up confirming yep you both were fainting. I turned to the mother and as I did she said I seen you fainting too. At that point I couldn’t hold back any more, I somewhat freaked out wanting to know what everyone else had experienced and basically what they all had seen. They all basically felt and seen the same things except her mom says she seen me fainting and I know I saw her fainting but we both seen ourselves throw our hands up in self-defense basically and even both seen ourselves turn as the thing went past us and then back again. The mother felt everything exactly as I did and had the same feelings from what I understood from her I remember and my girlfriend and her mom’s boyfriend both seen us both start to faint basically then come back out of it after we were just about to collapse to the floor they both said.

    You can take this any way you want and I know the questions you are asking because I’ve been there but I can say for 100 percent certainty that there is something out there more than we know. It irks me and actually scares the heck out of me every time I think about it because I hear of all these people getting visited by god or angels or whatever and here I was visited by something I hope was not God or god associated because I’m sure that all it wanted to do was put fear in me and from what I have heard from others stories they feel peace and security when in the presence of God. If it were a good entity shouldn’t I have felt comfort and peace and if it was a good entity am I in big trouble? I do not know and I really wish I did obviously and that I understood it all but I guess I’ll find out soon enough. I will say I do also know that whatever that thing was specifically that it had a mind of its own…or at least was being controlled by something with a mind of its own. It was a conscious entity is probably the best way to put it. I hope this information gets out to people who are searching for answers and especially those that don’t believe anything I was basically at that point too but after this I do feel 100 plus percent convinced that there is a “spirit” world that we are unaware of in our normal consciousness and whatever you decide ultimately I think in this case it would be best to error on the side of caution, for your own sake. – From one human to another.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience, this is not a made up story, it definitely occured and if anyone wanted to test me on it simply go find my ex and her mother and her mothers ex ( I think, maybe they’ve gotten back together since I don’t now) and let them tell you what they experienced. I haven’t seen them pretty much since the incident and the only time after the event we really talked about it was the night that it occured. They may have spoken more about it but I never got a chance really to speak with them anymore about it. I may have mentioned it with my girlfriend at the time but no serious discussions. I have not seen hide nor hair of them in I’m fairly sure its been 20 years or more for sure. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m trying to use this to get back in their life or anything, if thats what I wanted I would simply hunt them down and work to get back in their life. I’ve thought of trying to reach out to them to dicuss it further but so far haven’t. I’m fairly sure I still remember the address of the house and I know for sure where it is located. At least if its still there which I”m sure it is, I haven’t been in that area in a long time but it was a ritzy section of our town and was a fairly newer home so I expect it is still there and for the most part nothings probably changed with it. I can say though I’ve thought about it a lot over my life and I can’t say for sure if I would ever go back in the house. I mean I do have this urge to know more about it all but at the same time I also know for a fact that, I, by myself, have no way of protecting myself from whatever it was and there is no one at least as a humanoide on this earth that would be able to stop it. You couldn’t see anything and it moved so fast that no matter what you did you were always looking or facing where it had been rather than where it was if it was moving. I’ve prided myself on being able to handle myself in a physical situation. I’ve been on my own since I was 13 and was pushed into an environment where I had to fight for survival so I’ve had my share of fights and have went up against opponents much much larger than me. Now I’m not a holy roller and I don’t classify myself as others do like I’m a Chrisitian or Muslim or whatever, I’m simply a human… I can say though for the most certainty, I pray there is a God and that he is in control and that he loves me and forgives me for all the bad things I’ve ever done because I never ever want to have to face off against whatever that thing was…



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