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Changes the Mid West Humanists seek to the Constitution summer 2012

The meetings in June and July 2012 decided in favour of a list of changes to the Constitution of Ireland.

The Mid West Humanists seek these changes in order to make the Constitution fit with a secular state. People should have freedom to have a religion, or not have a religion. The State should not show different levels of favour to people or organisations of different religions, or different levels of favour between those with religions and those with no religion.

The State should not put any value on people having a religion. It should be indifferent to this. The State’s concern is that people should obey the law.

The list of the changes that the Mid West Humanists favour is on the Meetings Report page.

The next meeting of the Mid West Humanists is on the Next Meeting page. At the meeting on 15 August 2012, we will discuss the plan to take the list of changes to the TDs in the Mid West region of Ireland, that is, Limerick city and the counties of Limerick, Clare, and North Tipperary. We hope to make these visits in the remaining months of 2012.


2 Responses

  1. The Mid West Humanists don’t supply celebrants for ceremonies. Best thing is to go to the Humanist Association of Ireland – humanism.ie/ceremonies. There is an email and a telephone number there.

  2. Guys, Are you doing ceremonies? I know there are a lot of humanists that do but i’d love to find someone local to Limerick.

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