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UCD L+H Society have invited Mid West Humanist representative to speak on “This House would believe in a God”

On 06 August 2013 Valerie Tierney who is Debates Convenor for the Literary and Historical Society (L+H) of University College Dublin (UCD) invited the Mid West Humanists to send a representative to their debate on Wednesday 23 October 2013 on the motion –

“This House would believe in a God”.

I replied that we would send a representative to speak, against the motion.

The debate is sure to be in UCD, but we await instructions on the exact place, and on the time. The time is likely to be in the early evening. When we know we will post the time and place here.

Student debating societies are usually open to the public as well. So any Mid West Humanists can attend.


New Irish Atheist Association

Hi all,

Just to let you all know, as some of us don’t tend to frequent forums, based on the feedback from the members of the Atheist.ie forum, a new Secular/Atheist organisation is being formed and a group of people from the Atheist.ie forum (myself included and hopefully Jason if he can spare the time) are coming together for a meeting to help found this new “Irish Atheist Association” (a tentative name at present) at the end of this month. The details:

Sunday 30th November – 4pm to 7pm.
Central Hotel
Exchequer St Dublin

As I’ve volunteered to be an “executive” member (i.e. some form of coordinator, treasurer or secretary etc…) for the organisation, I’m taking it upon myself to try and gather a group of interested people, who may like to add their voice and/or opinion to our formation, mission and goals, to head up to Dublin on the train or the bus or whichever form of transport we decide upon, to attend the meeting, as individuals or to represent MWH.

Also, if anyone is interested in joining the group or applying for an “executive” role in the organisation, sign up to the Atheist.ie forum and then check out the links below.

I’ll be collecting names and confirming travel details with everyone at the meeting on the 23rd, so if anyone is interested, please let me know at the meeting, here on the blog or via email.

You can find all the relevant discussions on this new group at these links:

The initial thread proposing the formation of a new group:

The thread discussing possible aims of the group:

The thread for committee volunteers and suggestions for possible roles:


Irish Skeptics Meeting

The Irish Skeptics next meeting is on Tuesday November 18th at 8.00pm in the Gandon Suite of the Davenport Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

Their speaker is Julian Baggini who’ll talk about his latest book “The Duck that Won the Lottery“. More details about the event can be found here.

It sounds like it’ll be an interesting discussion, to help get you in the mood you can listen to Julian being interviewed on the Little Atoms Podcast.