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All Things Texan

Below are links to the most recent episodes of two of my favourite podcasts, The Non-Prophets and The Atheist Experience.

Both shows are sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin, which is possibly the most active local atheist group in the United States. Larry will correct me if I wrong but I think it’s fair to say that the ACA is a big part of the reason the Mid-west Humanists exist.

The Non-Prophets 7.20

The Atheist Experience 575

The Atheist Experience is also available on Google Video and I’ll add this weeks episode when It’s available.


4 Responses

  1. Matt Dillahunty deserves a special kind of respect… the kind of respect you afford to some morbidly obese couch potato who suddenly snaps out of it, joins the gym, throws out the junk food, and gets into shape. Amidst the praise that person gets, you want to ask “Why were you such a fat bastard all your life”?

    Dilahunty was a Christian fundie for over 20 years. TWENTY YEARS.

    One day he was debating someone over the Internet about some aspect of the Bible when he suddenly thought, “Wait… this is bullshit”, and he got angry for all the compartmenalisation he had to use to maintain his faith all those years.

    Great. Better late than never.

  2. I have to say my favourite part of the show is the calls. Matt is excellent. He does a very good job of staying calm.

  3. I can’t remember how I came across it, but I remember watching a phone-in debate on the Atheist Experience in which the theist’s earnest attempts to establish his beliefs on a rational plane were brilliantly deconstructed by the host for a solid few minutes.

    The exasperated caller sighed, shifted the tone of his voice from earnest to enraged and drawled down the phone “Well how about I just come down there and punch your fat head in the name of Jesus”.

    A beautiful summation of the popular religious approach: if we can’t convert you, we’ll kill you.

    (I should try and find that video – it’d be worth posting!)

  4. Couldn’t agree more Jason, they are both excellent. I have sent the boys a few emails here and there, and they always respond, usually Matt D. He is great and really friendly. I spent many a day in the mountains of Kerry listening to the boys rant at the religious ignorance that they have to deal with in Texas. Just a few of the other one’s i listen to.

    A Christian and an Atheist –
    Reasonable Doubts – (brilliant)
    Freedom From Religion Radio Show
    The Friendly Atheist
    Infidel Guy

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