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Going National

Ok, so I shamelessly stole this idea from here, but its a good one. Might it be a good idea to take regular lineage ads in the Limerick Post and Leader (box ads cost a few bob but I wouldnt mind chipping in) reading along the lines of whats on the side of the bus there and the address of this website?

You see billboards and hoardings with biblical scripture all over the place, they have been there for years. I think it would be good to do something to try and balance it out a little.



2 Responses

  1. I agree with Jason that it’s very early to be advertising like this. Most of us don’t even know each other very well and we don’t yet have a common view of what we want to achieve in the mid-west. If we did generate media iinterest, I’m also not sure who should do media pieces at this stage. My preference for local advertising would be to get people coming to the meetings and to this site by simply saying who we are and where we are.

  2. You can see some info on bus advertising here – http://www.titanoutdoor.ie/products/bus.html .

    Personally I like the idea of this sort of advertising, it’s expensive but I think we’d also get a lot of free media. Another example is http://www.freethoughtaction.org/ .

    I think the question we have to ask is are we ready for this? Do we have the infrastructure to deal with a big upswing in interest?

    I’m a fan of thinking big but I’d like to hear what other people think.

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