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Atheists and Free Speech Advocates on YouTube

As some of you may know Creationists and other Christians have been using false DMCA notices to stop free debate on YouTube for some time now. Now a group of the most vocal and popular pro-reason contributers on YouTube have banded together to fight back.

It’s wonderful to see this sort of spontaneous organisation. If you’re a YouTube user please do anything you can to support this effort.

Edit – An excellent background to all of this can be found here.


One Response

  1. After all these months of seeing pro-science videos and accounts being removed due to false DMCA claims, it is refreshing to see that the collective voice of reason has finally organized itself to fight the censorship campaign.

    If the creationists have any sense, they will stop what they have been doing, in light of the fact that they can no longer so do with impunity.

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