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The Pope is Right?

Mark Henderson, the science editor of The Times sees some value in the Pope’s latest outburst against homosexuality.   

In his address to Vatican staff, Benedict XVI declared the Church’s belief in a natural order of men and women, and asked “that this order, set down by creation, be respected”

Henderson’s contention is that in general religious people object to homosexuality because it is a moral choice outside the norms of natural behaviour.  Most gay men and women do not believe that they have made a choice about their lifestyle and their view is supported by science.  Science is proving that homosexuality is naturally occuring accross the animal kingdom and that in humans it is in every known culture.

The Pope is calling for an ecology of man; well he should take his own advice and respect the ecology as it exists.  As Henderson says:

 Science has made it clear that homosexuality is part of the rich diversity of that creation. That is something we should all respect – the Pope included.

Read the full article here


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